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Standing out in the crowd isn't hard to do in our shock-driven, entertainment-saturated culture. What's a lot more challenging is saying or doing something that will cause heaven to move on your behalf to change entire cities and even nations. Sometimes those in the secret place are changing history a lot more than those in the public eye. Seek to move heaven first and then watch the earth respond. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox!

Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Know your spiritual gifts. You have been given a measure of spiritual gifts that have marked you from creation. The seven gifts listed in Romans point to the motivations and passions your heavenly Father put within you from birth: prophesying, serving, teaching, exhorting, giving, leading and showing mercy.

When you can identify your primary "motivational gift," you can better know your strengths and weaknesses and where you best fit in the body of Christ. Though these gifts do not necessarily define who you are, they do point to what you're good at and what will bear the most fruit in your life. Know your call. Where your spiritual gifts explain your primary motivation, your calling is what you were born for, or better yet, who you were born to reach.

The Simple Guide To Find Your God Given Purpose In Life

God's priority is always people, and our calling will be a reflection of His heart to reach someone. This may take a lifetime to fulfill, but you will know it is His call because it continues to burn in your heart, keep you up at night and never quite goes away regardless of challenges or setbacks. It will require faith and is bigger than you are, but your call is what draws your heart and inspires your journey.

Know your present assignment. If your life story was written as a book, your calling would be the title. Your spiritual gifts would shine in the unique writing style and illustrations.

God Gives You Talents and Gifts

The individual chapters would highlight the various assignments throughout your journey. Specific assignments will come and go and serve to advance the kingdom, increasing the measure of grace on your life to ultimately fulfill your call. Some may seem like side roads to your destination, but all will lead to His purposes as you trust His heart in knowing how to prepare and equip you. Measure your success by the fruit. Regardless of our call, gifts and assignments, the true measure of success will be in the fruit that follows us.

If we are walking in the fullness of our identity, the people around us will recognize it, grow from it and encounter Christ through it.

God's grace will flow out of us and will exponentially increase in those around us. Look for disciples, not just followers. Look for reproduction, not just reputation. Look for transformation that lasts, not just a fascination that quickly fades. Ultimately, knowing who you are is not about "finding yourself," but losing yourself in order to find Christ. Seek to know His heart above your own and trust His plans in molding and shaping your life to be a perfect representation of Him.

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There won't be any identity confusion. In the end, the world won't see you anyway; just Him!

Wanda Alger is a field correspondent with Intercessors for America. She ministers with her husband in Winchester, Virginia. Follow her blog at wandaalger. Great Resources to help you excel in ! Prayer helps you overcome anything life throws at you. Go International Live in another country building relationships and ministries with eternal impact.

Eternal Purpose: “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren (Book Summary)

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1. Jesus made Prayer a Priority (Luke 4:42a)

Has your initial enthusiasm become frustration? But treating Jesus like an app doesn't work. He's the operating system.

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Jesus needs to be at the center of your life, directing everything. For your life to function properly you need to put God in charge. Have you ever prayed something like this? MY TEAM Your team is a small group of people committed to helping you go after your kingdom vision — trustworthy friends you can connect with locally or virtually.

This influences your choices now and in the years to come. Many times this vision involves a specific place, context or group of people. Is it to reach students in another part of the world? Seek Others Being around people with a vision and passion will help you understand and cultivate your own. Make a Start Developing your kingdom vision will take time. But you can ask God what He wants to do right here and right now.

Do you want to take a step toward living out your kingdom vision? Get MissionHub. So now you have a kingdom vision.

Lifelong Learning Matters

What do you need to bring it to life? Who are the people in your life who understand your Kingdom vision? Who can help you pursue it by challenging you and asking you the right questions? Who will commit to praying for you?

Reader Interactions

Followers of Jesus find ways to connect with people who share their kingdom vision and encourage them to take steps of faith. They do life together and learn from each other over time. They don't just attend events or programs. But how is your team going to move forward to see your kingdom vision fulfilled? What are you asking God for specifically?