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Rs Rs 1, Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Doosri Kitaab. A collection of Socio-Satirical stories on our day to day affairs and behavior of society Sitaron se agy Sitara. Tashqand say istanbul. Safarnama ibn Batuta.

Tuzq E Babri. Qadam Zero Line Par. Rs Rs 3, All Categories.

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Story Books. Product Compare 0. Show: 25 50 75 Runaway Ralph - by: Beverly Cleary "The rousing notes of the bugle and the laughter and shouting increased the feeling of rebellion wit.. Ramona Forever - by: Beverly Cleary What happens next? Usborne First Reading Level 2 The Daydreamer by: Kate Davies Aesop s fable retold for beginner readers ready to tackle slightly more complicated storylines and s.. This helped him to get through the bullying moments and DJ reacted by stopping in her tracks and almost immediately, the bullying stopped.

Leroy and his former bully then became friends, DJ seemed to leave the bullying behind her and the bullying soon became a distant memory! That Ruby stood up for her little brother Leroy and unknowingly helped put an end to the bullying. A kid that is getting bullied overcomes the bully and doesn't get bullied anymore. Funny Sad. In Jackson, Mississipi, s, things were very different to the way they are today. Being apart of the Southern states in America, Mississipi was suffering intense racism. This is where 'The Help' is set. The hired help were black maids working as nannies for the white children, as well as housekeepers.

Eugenia Phelan Skeeter returns from college to find her beloved help, Constantine, gone, and no one is willing to tell her what has happened. On the side, Skeeter is trying to pursue her ambitions of becoming a writer. This leads her to meeting Aibileen, the hired help of her friend, Elizabeth Leefolt, and questioning her about house-keeping.

After learning a little more about solemn, gentle Aibileen and her dead son, Treelore, and his plan to write a book about working as a black man, Skeeter has the idea to do something similar: to a write a book about black help working for the white women. This was a dangerous plan, as murders by the KKK weren't rare, and the whites of Mississipi weren't open-minded to the idea of equality between the two different races.

But the book proceeded as Aibileen agreed and convinced her friend, Minny, to help.

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After Medgar Evers was murdered, more and more black women saw the necessity to show people what it was really like for blacks to live in the racist America. Many long nights did Skeeter write down the stories of the women, shocked by the stories that she was told of their mistreatment, and touched by stories of the few help who had kind bosses.

On the side, Skeeter was struggling with a dying mother, a troublesome boyfriend and the longing for Constantine, while suffering the consequences of slight carelessness, a rumour of her support for blacks fuelled by her ex-friend, Miss Hilly and a trick she played, giving Miss Hilly some much-unwanted publicity, and, therefore, lots of social rejection. Aibileen, however, was suffering grief for her son, being humiliated by 'The Home Help Sanitation Movement' introduced by Miss Hilly, and trying to raise Mae Mobley, her assigned child, to not become like her white mother, but to be kind and not to judge people by their colour.

Minny, the smart-mouthed, hot-tempered help, with brilliant cooking skills, struggled to find another job as Mrs Walters goes to a nursing home and Miss Hilly spreads lies of Minny as a thief. Finally, finding a job, Minny doesn't know whether to feel blessed or cursed. Miss Celia, her utterly ridiculous mistress, is acting strangely and doesn't want her husband to know that she has a help. On the side, she is dealing with five children, pregnancy, and an abusive husband.

After the book is published, though their problems have increased by trying to keep the stories anonymous and the maids therefore safe , but results are beginning to show by multiple white women seeing the humanity of their maids. And, as a bonus, everyone has a chance of getting back at Miss Hilly by recording an embarrassing trick played by Minny into the book. Miss Hilly all of a sudden wants no one to know the book was written about Jackson! By the end of the book, Skeeter has no life in Jackson: she has a ruined reputation, no friends and no job. She gets journalism work in New York, and gets to start a new life.

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Minny finds the reason for Miss Celia's secretiveness and gets recognition from her enlightened husband of how Minny saved his wife's life. She finally leaves her husband after a scary death threat, and begins to live in a safe, secure environment with her sister, while promised a job with Miss Celia forever. Aibileen, however, feels Miss Hilly's wrath when she is set up and accused of thievery, and consequently fired from her job, forcing her to leave a now four-year-old Mae Mobley.

However, with extra money from the book and replacing Skeeter's house-keeping journalism, she has enough money to not search for another job. I really loved the book due to how real the characters were.

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It felt like you personally knew them and could sympathise with their struggles and mishaps. I loved the storyline and the recognition of the Civil Rights Movement and what people sacrificed to try and make people aware of what was going on. I would definitely recommend this book. It is about being clever.

It is about showing how clever you are. It shows all the different things the boy could do. That he was happy to show us how clever he was by doing lots of different things such as building towers, going on monkey bars, cooking and reading book. Funny Exciting Happy. Aussie Rules Football. It is about some kids playing a game on a rainy day. That is about footy. The pictures were really good, and it used alliteration!

Island with no wolves cause they were extinct but are they? Innis was walking back home to hear wolves a spot a shadow of one.

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Happy Sad Exciting Other. A boy that sees some wolves on his island, the island is known for not having wolves on it.

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He makes friends and keeps on being friends and not being friends over and over again. And he has to try and do a jump called The Wee Laddies leap. When he tries to do the leap. It's about a little girl living in Australia during the War. She wants to be a nurse but she also has to try to avoid the flu that is killing more people than the War itself. The real and exciting history, like how the Spanish Flu wiped out millions of people, and the way the author uses words and excitement. A cat telling a frog what sits on what. Ada is ten years old, yet has so much to learn.

But that's hard when your cruel mother won't let you go outside. That is, until Hitler begins a war; a war that is horrific, but might just save Ada's life. It is perfect. One of the best books of the year. Happy Funny Sad. Running away, making choices, mistakes and freedom. Running away both with your legs and in your mind.

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It doesn't take a long time for the book to become interesting and one I couldn't put down This book is about a kid called arg who lives in a cave. Him and his family sister hng Args mum and dad are cavemen.

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The rush of larva is going to destroy his village. He has to use his brain to solve the problem. You do not now what is going to happen next. It is a book full of excitement.