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I have changed my format a bit to make it easier to post and also to reference later on.

Song About Slow, Song About Fast - Something Special - Hap Palmer

I have decided to list my books first, then activity and action rhymes and songs, my craft and then tell how everything went at the end. I forsee this as being an easier read, but please let me know what you think! If space allows, tape a circle on the floor to stand and skip around as you sing the song. Ring around the apple tree A bucket full of apples. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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Get more time to score amazing savings. You can do it with a partner, jump with a partner You can do it all along, jump all alone You can jump in little groups, jump in little groups You can jump in one big, jolly group and all hold hands! If you got the time come on and help us find All the ways of jumping up and down Vocabulary: Actions: Higher, lowers, faster, slower, turn around, tumble down, through the air, shape, loosely, tightly, smoothly, sharp and sudden, with a partner, all alone, little groups, one big group Setting: Participants standing in one place or moving freely around the room Lead-up: "How high can you jump in the air?

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  8. Let's see your highest jump. Now let's see your lowest jump. Ready, go. Look down and notice exactly where you are on the floor. Can you jump up and land on the same spot? Now move your spine in a loose and floppy way.

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    Can you jump and land without making a sound? Hold hands with your partner and jump up and down. Now let go of your partner's hands and jump all by yourself" "Form yourselves into little groups and jump up and down. Now let's all form one big group" "Everyone hold hands and jump up and down. Be sure to sing along, though! How many ways can you skip? Introduction 2. Straight Paths 3. Curved Paths 4. Quick and Sudden 5. Slow and Smooth 6. Tight and Tense 7.

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    Loose and Floppy Lyrics: You never know how this song will go It may go high, it may go low It might be fast or maybe slow It might suddenly rise, it's a surprise song! The melody moves along and then it's gone You move just as long as the music goes on Can you react to the fact it's a surprise song? Vocabulary: Actions: High, low, fast, slow, straight, curved, smooth, sudden, quick, tight, tense, loose, floppy Setting: Students moving in place or freely around the room Materials: For variation only, short pieces of rope or yarn as used in "Walter the Waltzing Worm" Lead-up: "When I play the drum, wiggle your hands.

    Each one suggests a different spatial concept or quality or movement. What follows are some challenges the teacher can give the students. These challenges are only suggestions and are a small fraction of the many possible ways this song can be used. Between each musical section is silent time to present one or two of the challenges listed below. Others can be used as the students are moving or follow-up activities.

    Section One - Introduction "I'm going to play a song that starts and stops many times.

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    5. When the music stops, freeze. Does this remind you of traveling streets? What else does it remind you of? Notice that these straight lines make angles where they meet. Are your curved paths large or small? Section Five - Slow and Smooth "When you hear the music, move around the room slowly and smoothly. Now let go and let your arms flop to your sides. Take a deep breath" "What other parts of your body can you tense and tighten? What else does this remind you of? All songs published by Hap-Pal Music. No part of these lyrics or activities may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission from the publisher.

      Back to Top. Introduction The use of these songs and activities is intended to increase the vocabulary and basic movement skills of the participants. The vocabulary consists of words from five basic areas: body parts, actions, space, qualities, and relationships. Although the vocabulary describes and defines movement, the words have a broader application and will enhance the child's general vocabulary.

      Hap Palmer - Walter the Waltzing Worm

      This is valuable because understanding word meanings is the first step in developing oral and written communications skills. When students are moving as the recording plays, the teacher may structure the situation by: 1. Modeling the actions as the students follow along. This method is most useful when students have not participated in lead-up activities and are not familiar with the vocabulary used in the song. By observing the hesitation or non-hesitation of students, the teacher can make decisions as to how many more times the actions should be modeled.